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Does The Lack Of Business Acumen In Your Team Jeopardise Your Growth and Profitability Agenda?

Making the right decisions today requires the business acumen of your team to be at a much higher strategic level than ever before. There are countless decision choices that can lead to similar outcomes, and each one includes different assumptions about risk and reward. No matter what the decision, they all connect to impact the growth and profitability of your company.  Does your team have the right language to discuss and debate options and then align and commit to urgent execution?

The demands on you as the one responsible for driving this process is challenging, to say the least. Your business model is under attack and your value proposition has become vague and ambiguous with constant changes to customer preferences. A sea of data surrounds you but doesn’t provide any real information. There are new complexities and ambiguities in your operating environment so you can’t rely on your experience alone to make decisions. 

You need your team to expand their strategic thinking to expect the unexpected, and have the courage to step up and make decisions in the moment aligned to your strategy. Your quest is to unlock your team’s true potential for strategic thinking and business acumen.  The question is how do you do that?

Do you have a culture that encourages team strategic thinking and problem solving?

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The survey will allow you to:

  • Clearly identify gaps in your decision-making environment
  • Turn subjective rhetoric in qualitative data
  • Facilitate deep insight in how to improve problem solving
  • Highlight cultural issues that are impacting decision making
Richard Kelly is the #1 authority on team-based strategic thinking and growth for senior executives. He helps large organisations drive profitability and performance by enhancing their strategic thinking and business acumen skills and embedding value-creating behaviours in their people.

Richard has worked in and consulted for multiple industries, including mining, construction, telecommunications, banking, insurance, media, transportation, and high tech, to name a few. He combines his economic and finance expertise with a deep understanding of human motivation and behaviour to create and facilitate powerful workshops, one-on-one coaching experiences, and sophisticated business simulation models.

For over 30 years, Richard has been highly sought after by leaders who need to unlock the true potential of their team’s strategic thinking and business acumen. He works with senior executives to raise their level of “in the moment” abilities to solve complex problems with people at their core while staying true to their strategy.

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Over the past decade Richard has helped me redefine the future of some of Australia’s most prominent brands. Through the convergence of many minds with a structured methodology, it is possible to create a unique and powerful set of solutions and not expose one cent of your P&L through the power of team based strategic thinking. This is an unparalleled approach to business, and Richard is a good fit for anyone serious about reinventing their corporate future with the belief that people are the solution not the problem
Peter Olsen

Managing Director of Business Services, Serco Asia Pacific

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Richard Kelly, delivering team-based strategic-thinking concepts, on many occasions. Richard uses competitive strategy simulations to engage leaders and their team in improving their strategic-thinking skills. I can attest to the excellent outcomes that can be achieved by integrating a strategy ‘toolkit’ with the experiential learning that a well-constructed simulation provides.

Richard is both an expert facilitator and proficient in managing the mechanics of the simulations. His real-world corporate experience adds a further ingredient that underpins his successful interventions.”

Dr. Marc T. Jones

University of Sydney Business School

“I continue to be impressed with Richard’s ability to help business decision-makers think through not only the business impacts of their decisions but also the behavioural and cultural footprint. His team-based strategic-thinking workshops employ sophisticated computer simulation technology to accelerate this process.
The “real play” environment that Richard’s process creates allows leaders the opportunity to reflect and become more aware of their limiting behaviours and beliefs that are holding back both their organisation and themselves from achieving high performance.”
Warren Kennaugh

Behavioural Strategist and Author of Fit – When Talent and Intelligence Just Won’t Cut It

“I have worked extensively with Richard and have witnessed first-hand his ability to apply his team-based
strategic-thinking process (using business simulations) to break down internal silos and promote a cross-functional environment of collaboration and innovation. This leads to better business decision-making by drawing out the full resources of the team and greatly assists alignment with an organisation’s strategic objectives.”
Glen Mullins

Former Senior Executive, Aurizon Ltd

In my role as a senior executive in the construction, infrastructure and mining Industry, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Richard in management team-development workshops on a number of occasions over the past 10+ years.

By crystallising business issues into bite-size, easily digestible chunks, Richard brings a unique skill to these occasions. This enables us to quickly grasp what is critically important in achieving business success. His approach is pragmatic, focused and enables real results to be achieved through an effective and efficient process. I commend his approach to you.”

Mike Rollo

University of Sydney School of Engineering

Based on his experience, Richard knows that the only way organisations survive and thrive is to unlock the true potential of their people’s strategic thinking and business acumen. As the one responsible for driving your company’s growth and profitability, you have to expand your strategic thinking to expect the unexpected, and you need your people to step up and make decisions in the moment aligned to your strategy.

In his new book Team-Based Strategic Thinking, Richard exposes 10 inconvenient truths that senior executives must confront in order to harness the latent thinking talent in their teams and make better business decisions that positively impact performance and growth. Through personal insights and case studies, he will show you how to create an organisation that has an adaptable and nimble strategic mindset, not one that is fixed to the status quo, procrastinates and second guesses around changes required.

In this breakthrough book, you’ll discover:

  • How value propositions often end up missing the ways your company creates value through its products and services
  • What’s the impact on your company from following “the only strategy that’s really relevant is the one that’s in your people heads”
  • How having your people think more like owners of the business influences overall profitability and growth
  • The real outcomes that leadership competency frameworks have on day-to-day performance
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