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Team-Based Strategic Thinking highlights the fact that an organisation’s future success is fundamentally tied to its ability to make effective, team-based decisions.  Most organisations however, do not create an environment in which this can occur, and are therefore putting their very survival at risk!

The Team Decision Making Environment (TDME) Diagnostic Report is a research-based assessment on the environmental factors that lead to effective organisational decisions. It is designed to identify key areas of improvement that will have a significant impact on both team and business performance.

The primary objective of the TDME Diagnostic Report is to assess the environmental dynamic that exists within your team’s decision-making process and identify areas in which specific performance might be improved. It does this by assessing both the internal and external environmental conditions that are impacting the structure, process and culture of decision-making. It then calculates a risk rating based on your responses.

To come to a better understanding of the risk factors your business faces, please click on the link below to take the free diagnostic assessment.

As well as your risk rating, you will also receive a comprehensive 13-page report which will help you look into areas of potential improvement.


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