The New Wonder Women

“Shock & Orr”

It’s always a special time when a new super hero is born.  After two week of intense testimony and questioning Australia has found a new Super Hero. This has come in the form of the mild mannered “senior council assisting the commission” Rowena “Shock and” Orr.  Her outward demeanour is of a public librarian but her tongue is a sharp as a scalpel.  Rwoena may not be Wonder Women but somewhere she possess a golden lasso of truth.  It appeared that  Daniel Huggins was going to burst into tears as “Shock and Orr” questioned him about broker commission paid by the Commonwealth Bank.  Lynda Harris form Aussie Home Loans was visibly petrified and looked ready to vomit under Rowena’s intense gaze.  Have a look at the video clip of her testimony! 

Aussie Customers Kept in the Dark

So what we know it that Round 1 has kept up to my promise of lifting the lid on habitual practices that border on corruption let alone misconduct.  Where are the leaders, where is the culture.  How will they fix this.  Stay tuned for future episodes!

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